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Dec 2, 2022 8:51:00 PM 4 min read

Best Dog Sledding Locations Near Heber City, Utah

When travelers come to Utah for the winter season, many tend to overlook dog sledding. While skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling often overshadow the classic winter sport, do not be misled. Dog sledding is one of winter’s oldest and most underrated sports, and Heber City is the perfect place to try it out. 

Whatever your reason for lodging in Heber City, create a unique vacation experience by booking a dog sled tour. Below is an overview of how the sport came to Utah, and our top picks near Heber City to try it out. 

Dog Sled Tours & Utah Scenery


While the sport of dog sledding itself has been around for centuries, it is a relatively new idea to the state of Utah. What initially originated as a way to help with hunting, transporting supplies, and travel, has remained in practice for recreation. The state of Utah initially adopted dog sledding during the Winter Olympic Games of 2002. Since then it has grown in popularity, and today a variety of businesses near Heber City offer tours. 

There are two specific types of dogs that are perfect for the sport. Both Siberian and Alaskan Huskies have a close lineage to wolves and are practically built for sledding. They have a double coat to protect them from cold temperatures, and both breeds have a lot of energy that require regular exercise. These spunky dogs may work hard, but they play hard too. They love to snuggle and show affection by trying to jump on their humans. The dogs love sledding just as much as humans do, and a lot of them were rescue animals who now get to live with a family. It is important to research and find an ethical, responsible facility where the dogs are cared for in the best ways possible. That is why we have put in a few of our favorite dog sledding facilities near Heber City down below.

Bear Ridge Adventures


Located just 25 minutes from Park City, Bear Ridge Adventures is a vacation hotspot for the fun-seekers looking for a unique winter experience. No matter what the itinerary looks like, the convenient location of Bear Ridge Adventures makes it easy for anyone to squeeze in a dog sledding day. The business was started out of a passion for the combination of dogs, sledding, and the beautiful outdoors. During each tour, visitors get a taste of the scenic views of the Coalville mountains.  

Bear Ridge Adventures offers three dog sledding tour options: one-hour tours, two-hour tours, and even half-day tours. Each tour operates with a full 10-12 dog team, through stunning scenery on privately owned land. The one-hour tours are recommended for families with children, and children must be at least three years old to ride. A great part of the longer tours is getting to interact with the dogs and learn about their personalities, behaviors, diets, and training. Visitors learn how well-trained and friendly these dogs are. Additionally, guests get to learn how to harness and unharness them! The huskies are hard workers, but they also like to play hard. Come and see firsthand how much they love being on the team.

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Rancho Luna Lobos


Rancho Luna Lobos was established as a safe haven for rescue dogs, a home where they get to live their best lives while touching those of others. Unlike any other dog sled tour offered in Heber valley, Rancho Luna Lobos offers a dog sled safari, an exciting presentation about dog sledding on a private ranch. The tour is a holistic experience, complete with stories about the kennels and sharing the ranch's passion for the rescues and their journeys.

Rancho Luna Lobos is Park City’s only true local family-owned and operated kennel and professional running team. The owners and lead mushers, Fernando and Dan, have lived in Park City their whole lives and live onsite with their children and pack of dogs as a family. The four kids share their passion for dogs, and two of the kids are racers as well.  

Their ranch offers dinner, mushing classes, obstacle courses, and more. For a more intimate experience, check out their website to schedule private parties, kennel tours, and kids camps that include storytelling and archery. Altogether the family provides more than just a sled ride. Come visit to learn about the sport, connect with the dogs, and even a chance to help drive the sled. Their extensive work leaves guests with a once in a lifetime experience.



If you are headed near Heber City this winter, hopefully you have added dog sledding to your itinerary. After reserving your tour, consider lodging at Daniels Summit for a conveniently cozy stay. Only a 20 minute drive from Heber City, stop by for a visit after your dog sledding ride. Daniels Summit offers some of the best snowmobiling in the area, with 200 miles of groomed mountain trails with both guided and unguided rides. You will never have a dull moment during your next trip to Heber City. Learn more about your snowmobiling options at Daniels Summit.