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Nov 2, 2022 9:13:00 PM 6 min read

Favorite Things To Do in Midway, Utah

Midway is a charming city nestled in the northwest part of Wasatch County, Utah. The city lives about 10 miles outside of Park City and approximately 40 miles away from Salt Lake City. The town offers several attractions to explore, whether alone or accompanied by family and friends. You can always keep busy in Midway, no matter the season of the year. The city is home to several scenic wonders, historical landmarks, and vibrant festivities. The following are our 9 top favorite things to do in Midway.


Walk along the historical Legacy Bridge

Start your adventures with a visit to the 120 foot-long Legacy Bridge and get a glimpse of one of the most beautiful views in town. The timber-made bridge is the longest covered bridge in Utah. It was constructed back in 2002 as a part of the Midway Lane Gold Metal Mile for the Winter Olympics. It runs across the Provo River to connect Midway to the city of Heber. Take a stroll over the bridge and enjoy the peaceful sounds from the river below as you admire the bridge's wooden detailing. 

Take a dip at the Homestead Crater Hot Spring

Midway is one of the few places in the country where you can ski through the mountains in the morning and enjoy hot spring diving in the afternoon. The Homestead Crater hot spring lies 55 feet below a beehive-shaped limestone rock. It is located at the Homestead Resort, which offers convenient accommodation to make visiting the hot springs as comfortable as possible.The mineral water of the geothermal hot spring remains at a constant temperature of about 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit, heated by the Earth's interior. The crater is the only warm scuba diving location in the country. You can also enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and even paddle board yoga during your visit.  Keep in mind you have to reserve a spot well in advance before visiting the Homestead Resort. The best way to book is to email or call directly.


 Walk around Wasatch Mountain State Park

The Wasatch Mountain State Park is the perfect place for anyone looking to get in touch with nature. The beautiful state park lives just an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport and offers endless outdoor activities to indulge in. It is home to several hiking and biking trails (some of which are kid-friendly), and ATV tracks to allow you and your friends or family to explore. The park features 122 camping/ picnic areas, several overnight group areas, and even has horseback riding available. The Wasatch State park hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and now uses the venue for year-round games and events. It is surrounded by thriving woodland where you may find wild animals such as elk, moose, and turkey. Keep in mind all camping here is closed during the winter months, so be sure to plan ahead.

Create a memorable sporting experience at the Wasatch Mountain Golf Course 

If you are looking for the perfect spot to tee off, the Wasatch Mountain Golf Course should be your next stop. The popular Mountain and Lake courses are consistently ranked among some of Utah's best. The courses are are both scenic and affordable, making a remarkable golfing experience. The course features 18-hole fairways and views of Heber Valley at an elevation of 6,000 feet. Golfers enjoy cooler temperatures in the summer at such a high elevation, as well as vibrant colors on the trees as autumn rolls around. Make sure you book your tee time well in advance before visiting this naturally beautiful golf course.

Admire the magical Ice Castles


If you are looking to complete your fairytale winter activities, consider a stroll through the Ice Castles. The Midway Ice Castles is home to thousands of hand-placed icicles from professional ice artists. The castles include LED lit sculptures, tunnels, frozen thrones, and fountains for an unforgettable experience. The seasonal activity is offered in the winter months of December to February, making it ideal for families or couples looking for a festive winter excursion. Ice Castles are conveniently located inside the Homestead Crater to allow you to pair several fun activities together.

Go boating at the Deer Creek State Park

For fishing enthusiasts, the Deer Creek State Park is a must-see when in Midway. The park features a reservoir with glistening clear waters to go fishing, windsurfing, boating, or zip lining. There is an activity for anyone to enjoy. Fishers get a chance to capture a variety of fish like walleye, bass, perch, trout, and more. The scenic views of Mount Timpanogos surround the reservoir, making it a prime location for the nearby camp sites. Visitors also love to enjoy The Lakehouse Restaurant after a long day of being on the boat. The restaurant is located at the Island area of the state park and offers views of the water as you enjoy an elegant meal. 

Catch a show at the High Valley Arts Outdoor Theater

For those who appreciate the performance arts, a trip to Midway would not be complete without visiting the High Valley Arts Outdoor Theater. The theater offers a list of diverse plays and musicals performed by talented stage actors drawn from across the country. High Valley Arts celebrates heritage through its art, so it is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the city. The theater offers occasional musical bootcamps, where skilled and caring professionals teach kids audition skills, basic acting skills, and vocal skills. Get yourself a ticket for one of the shows to witness the talent the theater brings to the city.


Enjoy your outdoors at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center

Soldier Hollow Nordic Center is a winter sport venue known for its diverse outdoor activities, specifically cross country skiing. The world-famous center is located at the Wasatch Mountain State Park and is primarily known for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics. It offers many sports year-round, making it ideal for anyone to enjoy. The venue attracts world-class level athletes as well as weekend enthusiasts. If you are visiting during the spring and summer months, consider biking or hiking on the rolling slopes of the area. If you are visiting in the winter, participate in tubing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing.

Learn about history at the Huber Grove

Being the oldest orchard in the Heber Valley, the Huber Grove has a rich history. It was built in the 1870s by one of Midway's pioneers, Johannes Huber. The 160-acre family-owned orchard is home to a creamery and the historic Huber house. You can stroll through a forest of ancient apple trees planted several decades ago. Nostalgic notes and poems by Johannes Huber line up the trees to take you down memory lane. You can also enjoy delicious apple treats from the nearby gift shops as you reflect on the city's cultivation.


Visit Daniel Summit Lodge for accommodation and adventures

While in Midway, stop at the Daniels Summit Lodge and experience one of the neighborhood's best outdoor excursion destinations. The cozy lodges provide a comfortable experience so you and your family or friends can enjoy Midway to its full potential. Daniels Summit is committed to providing an unforgettable vacation for all outdoor enthusiasts. Contact us today to plan your reservations.