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Aug 16, 2023 1:45:00 PM 6 min read

The 12 Best Sites for Camping Near Provo, Utah

Utah stands as a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With its calm lakes and towering mountains, Utah's landscape offers diverse tales of adventure and beauty. Camping near Provo, Utah, is a testament to this, with Provo serving as a gateway to some of the state's most scenic spots.

Utah stands as a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Its landscape offers diverse tales of adventure and beauty, from calm lakes to towering mountains. Provo, situated at a notable elevation, is a gateway to some of Utah's most picturesque camping spots.

Let's dive into the top camping spots in the region.

1. Granite Flat Campground

uinta-wasatach-cache natoinal forest

Surrounded by towering pine trees, Granite Flat Campground offers a true escape into nature's embrace. The nearby river enhances the scenic beauty and offers great fishing spots for enthusiasts and a tranquil, relaxing setting.

Location: Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Distance from Provo: Approximately 15 miles

Activities: Fishing, hiking, picnicking

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2. Hobble Creek Haven

hobble creek haven

A picturesque spot nestled in the mountains of Springville, Hobble Creek Haven promises a peaceful getaway. The surrounding greenery and mountain views make it a camper's paradise, not far from the iconic Provo Canyon, Utah.

Location: Springville, UT

Distance from Provo: Approximately 10 miles

Activities: Hiking, nature walks

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3. Strawberry Hideout

strawberry reservoir in fall

Located in Fruitland, Strawberry Hideout is a serene escape by the expansive Strawberry Reservoir. This tranquil spot is ideal for those seeking an authentic nature experience, from fishing to stargazing.

Location: Fruitland, Utah

Distance from Provo: Approximately 85 miles (1 hour 30 minutes drive)

Activities: Fishing, hiking, stargazing, bird watching.

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4. Maple Canyon Camp

maple canyon trail

Adventure seekers, this one's for you! Maple Canyon Camp is a climber's paradise, offering a unique rock climbing experience amidst nature's beauty. And if you're into RV camping, this place has facilities to accommodate you.

Location: Moroni, UT

Distance from Provo: Approximately 60 miles

Activities: Rock climbing, hiking

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5. Whispering Pines

nature shot

As the name suggests, Whispering Pines is surrounded by majestic pine trees. It's an ideal spot for those who love hiking and nature walks. The sound of the whispering pines will surely rejuvenate your soul.

Location: Mount Pleasant, UT

Distance from Provo: Approximately 55 miles

Activities: Hiking, nature walks

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6. Deer Creek State Park

deer creek reservoir

Located near a vast reservoir at the foot of Mount Timpanogos, Deer Creek State Park is a camper's delight. The park boasts some of the best year-round fishing in Utah. Birding enthusiasts will also find a variety of species to spot, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

Location: Near Mount Timpanogos

Distance from Provo: Approximately 25 miles

Activities: Fishing, bird watching, boating

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7. Nunns Park

provo canyon

Nunns Park is a family-oriented campground conveniently located near the mouth of Provo Canyon. The park is known for its scenic beauty and offers activities like hiking and picnicking. The nearby Provo River is also a popular spot for fishing.

Location: Near Provo Canyon

Distance from Provo: Approximately 8 miles

Activities: Hiking, picnicking, fishing

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8. Timpooneke Campground

mount timpanogos signage

Timpooneke Campground is a picturesque spot on the edge of the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area. It's an ideal basecamp for those looking to summit Timpanogos. The area is also known for its diverse flora and fauna, making it a hotspot for nature photography.

Location: Edge of Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area

Distance from Provo: Approximately 20 miles

Activities: Hiking, nature photography, stargazing.

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9. Little Mill Campground

provo river

Little Mill Campground offers a serene environment with the nearby Provo River. It's an excellent spot for fly fishing and river rafting. The surrounding alpine scenery and the sound of the flowing river make it a peaceful retreat.

Location: Near Provo River

Distance from Provo: Approximately 15 miles

Activities: Fly fishing, river rafting

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10. Mount Timpanogos Campground

mount timpanogos in uinta

At 7,600 feet, Mount Timpanogos Campground offers breathtaking views of the valley below. The nearby Aspen Grove Trail is a favorite among hikers. The campground is also an excellent spot for stargazing, given its elevation and distance from city lights.

Location: Eastern slope of Mount Timpanogos

Distance from Provo: Approximately 25 miles

Activities: Hiking, stargazing

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11. Payson Lakes Campground

kayak on payson lake

Payson Lakes Campground is a local favorite surrounded by three serene mountain lakes. It's a paradise for anglers and those who enjoy water sports. The vibrant wildlife population, including deer and elks, adds to the charm of this campground.

Location: Near Mount Nebo

Distance from Provo: Approximately 30 miles

Activities: Fishing, water sports, wildlife viewing

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12. Utah Lake State Park

great salt lake

Utah Lake State Park is home to the largest freshwater lake in Utah. With 148 square miles of recreational space, it's a haven for boating, jet skiing, and paddleboarding. The park also offers bird-watching opportunities, with several migratory bird species visiting throughout the year.

Location: Provo, UT

Distance from Provo: Approximately 5 miles

Activities: Boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, bird watching

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RV Camping Near Provo, Utah

Provo offers several RV-friendly campgrounds for those who prefer the comforts of their RV while still being close to nature. These sites combine modern amenities' convenience with the outdoors's rustic charm. Whether you're looking for full hookups, spacious pull-through sites, or a scenic spot to park your RV for the night, Provo has you covered.

The proximity to the city means you're always close to shops, restaurants, and other conveniences. Yet, you're still surrounded by the natural beauty that comes with Provo, Utah’s elevation. It's the perfect blend of city convenience and wilderness experience.

Free Camping Near Provo, Utah

Provo's surrounding areas offer several free camping options for adventurers looking to connect with nature without the constraints of designated campgrounds. Often referred to as "dispersed camping," these sites are typically located on public lands and don't offer the amenities of established campgrounds.

However, what they lack in facilities, they make up for in tranquility and unspoiled natural beauty. Practicing the "Leave No Trace" principles when camping in these areas is essential to preserve the environment for future generations. For a comprehensive list of free camping sites near Provo, The Dyrt is a reliable resource. Remember, while the experience is free of charge, the memories and connection to nature are priceless.
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Utah is a land filled with natural wonders, and Provo is one of its highlights. Situated near tranquil lakes and majestic mountains, this city caters to all campers, whether you seek peace or thrill.

The 12 camping spots we've listed here offer a taste of what Provo has in store. Each place has its charm and activities, ensuring a unique experience for every camper.

At Daniels Summit, we believe that the best moments happen outdoors. We've seen countless visitors share their stories, watched families bond over campfires, and witnessed the joy of nature firsthand.

For your next camping adventure, consider Provo. With its variety of camping spots, it promises lasting memories. So pack your bags, prepare for an adventure, and let Provo's beauty be the setting for your next great outdoor tale. Enjoy your camping trip!