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Dec 18, 2023 3:42:31 PM 5 min read

Top 15 Ranked Mountain Biking Trails in Heber Valley, Utah

Avid outdoorsmen and adrenaline junkies take note: the Beehive State is a must-visit destination during your next trip! Its natural and geological diversity makes it a feast for the eyes, with adventure lying around every corner.

But where do you start with blood-pumping activities like mountain biking in Utah? We know just the place…

Where is the best mountain biking in Utah?

Famous for its alpine majesty, Heber Valley has loads of charming and challenging trails for hiking, horse riding, UTV excursions, and, yes, mountain biking. Whatever your skill level – novice, experienced, or expert – there’s a route just for you.

Today, we review our picks for the 15 best mountain biking trails the region has to offer.

1. Ant Knolls

Difficulty: Novice | Distance: 3.4 mi | Duration: ± 2 h

Perfect for those new to mountain biking in Heber Valley, Utah, Ant Knolls is a generally quiet, scenic route with an elevation gain of 961.3 ft. Due to the trail’s largely exposed nature, it’s advisable to bring sunscreen and fresh water.

2. Burnt Ridge Connect

Difficulty: Novice | Distance: 1.5 mi | Duration: ± 40 min

With an elevation gain of only 232.9 ft, the Burnt Ridge Connect out-and-back trail is a favorite among beginners. The path has gorgeous valley views and is best enjoyed between April and October.

3. Cottontrail Loop

Difficulty: Novice | Distance: 1.4 mi | Duration: ± 40 min

Although it features some technical stretches, Cottontrail Loop more than makes up for it with no single-track sections and breathtaking vistas. Those keen to take on this trail while mountain biking in Heber Valley, Utah, should come prepared with sun protection as shade is limited.

4. Deer Creek Perimeter Trail

Difficulty: Novice | Distance: 15.3 mi

Wonderful year-round, the Deer Creek Perimeter Trail is a firm favorite among mountain bikers of all skill levels. This out-and-back route runs beside the namesake state park and reservoir’s edge, offering both mountain and lake views.

5. Nobletts Creek Trail

Difficulty: Novice | Distance: 2.1 mi | Duration: ± 55 min

Our final novice-friendly pick, Nobletts Creek Trail, boasts a modest elevation gain of 275.6 ft. Mountain biking in Utah along this well-marked route leads to a picturesque grassy meadow, but not before passing through a dense aspen and evergreen forest.

6. Aqueduct Trail

Difficulty: Experienced | Distance: 1.5 mi | Duration: ± 40 min

Not just beloved by folks going mountain biking in Heber Valley, Utah, the Aqueduct Trail attracts hikers, birdwatchers, and dog owners alike. Delicate wildflowers make the route come alive, and it’s best visited between April and September.

7. Bloods Lake Trail

Difficulty: Experienced | Distance: 5 mi | Duration: ± 2 h 40 min

Favored by hikers, we recommend mid-week mountain biking in Utah if you’re eager to try the Bloods Lake Trail without extra foot traffic. Conditions from May through October are best, but be sure to visit during summer or spring to witness the wildflowers in full bloom.

8. Cataract Gorge Trail

Difficulty: Experienced | Distance: 6.4 mi | Duration: ± 3 h

For more solitary mountain biking in Heber Valley, Utah, opt for the Cataract Gorge Trail. Running beside Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, the track is a sight to behold and ends in a majestic waterfall. We suggest arranging your trip anytime from August through September for optimal conditions.

9. Phosphate Trail Loop

Difficulty: Experienced | Distance: 6.1 mi | Duration: ± 2 h 40 min

Brace yourself for steep climbs and descents through a spectacular maple and oak forest. There’s plenty of fun to be had on the Phosphate Trail Loop! You’ll want to visit the track between April and October to experience the best conditions.

10. Wow Pine Canyon Trail

Difficulty: Experienced | Distance: 1.7 mi | Duration: ± 40 min

Another trail with phenomenal valley views, Wow Pine Canyon Trail ticks all the boxes for intermediate mountain biking in Heber Valley, Utah. Look forward to weaving through forested areas, navigating rocks, and basking in the region’s magnificence while taking on a gradual 206.7 ft elevation gain.

11. Coyote Canyon Loop from Coyote Lane

Difficulty: Expert | Distance: 22.7 mi | Duration: ± 9 h 20 min

Kicking off our expert routes is the Coyote Canyon Loop from Coyote Lane – which is in its prime between April and October. By far the longest track on our list, Coyote Canyon Loop is not for the faint of heart, but, to quote one impressed mountain biker, “You can’t beat the ride down the back side overlooking Kamas/Jordanelle Reservoir.”

12. East Fork Three Forks Trail

Difficulty: Expert | Distance: 4.2 mi | Duration: ± 3 h 25 min

Open year-round, the East Fork Three Forks Trail has an elevation gain of 2,076.8 ft, following an out-and-back configuration. Although the lush, single-track route attracts horse riders too, you likely won’t encounter others during this outing mountain biking in Heber Valley, Utah.

13. Peak 8193 via Big Hollow

Difficulty: Expert | Distance: 8.7 mi | Duration: ± 5 h 5 min

Another meaty mountain biking trail, Peak 8193 via Big Hollow, has significant elevation gain (2,450.8 ft) throughout the route. Besides bracing yourself for a challenging workout, you’ll want to prepare by packing enough sunscreen and water, as shade is limited.

14. The Boneyard Trail

Difficulty: Expert | Distance: 1.8 mi | Duration: ± 55 min

As its name implies, the Boneyard Trail isn’t meant for newbies – there are some extremely steep parts. However, the route is rewarding and runs across an otherworldly landscape of withered treetrunks and sagebrush. You certainly don’t want to miss this mountain biking in Utah experience!

15. Timpooneke Trail

Difficulty: Expert | Distance: 14.2 mi | Duration: ± 8 h 45 min

Due to its exceptional popularity among hikers and mountain bikers, Timpooneke Trail sees heavy traffic. But don’t let that scare you off: the route sees plenty of fauna, gorgeous flora, and even a waterfall. This is a must for everyone eager to test their mettle while mountain biking in Utah.


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