Current Snow Totals:

Record snowfall so far this year as of January 12, 2017.
8’ at the lodge and over 15’ on the trails.

Utah Snowmobile Rentals & Beautiful Country Lodging!

For some of the best lodging in Utah, try Daniels Summit Lodge. Here you can enjoy the beauties of the Uinta National forest while getting in some unique experiences and activities to make your trip unforgettable, like snowmobile rentals and tours right in Utah. This beautiful Utah country lodge has the look and feel of a log cabin nestled deep in the woods. There are so many activities you can do during your stay. Take advantage of the local activities that Utah has to offer like skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling if you visit us during the winter months.

Looking for Utah snowmobile tours? We provide some of the best in the state! If you plan to visit Utah during the summer, you can explore the beauties of nature while horseback riding or switch it up and rent one of our Jeep Wranglers for a different kind of ride. When you are done, come back to the lodge and relax from your activities in our day spa. We offer a number of different massage services that will help you get rid of stress and feel rejuvenated. During your stay, you can eat at our own Lodge Pole Grill to get a real taste of country whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Daniels Summit Lodge is one way to experience Utah in a way like never before. Come and stay with us and we will make sure you have a wonderful time enjoying a part of Utah that you may not have seen before. Don’t forget our legendary Utah Snowmobile Rentals when you book your winter vacation!